Claude or ChatGPT is the best LLM for everyday task?

One such competitor is Claude, which offers an impressive chatbot service, but is this option superior to ChatGPT?

Quick comparison of ChatGPT and Claude

Before discussing in depth the pros and cons of ChatGPT and Claude, the article will provide a simple comparison table that you can use to get the hang of the basics.




Available in 

159 countries

US and UK

Version(s) available

GPT-3.5 and GPT-4

Claude 1.3 and Claude 2


    1. ChatGPT : Free
    2. ChatGPT Plus : $20/month

Free of charge

Limit training data

Trained until September 2021

Trained until December 2022

Token Limit

    1. GPT-3.5 : 4096
    2. GPT-4 : 8192

    1. Claude 1.3 : 9000
    2. Claude 2 : 100,000 yen

Chat history

Yes - can be deleted

Yes - can be deleted

VPN Support

Are not


As you can see, there are some differences to consider.

Advantages and disadvantages of ChatGPT

In what ways does ChatGPT outperform Claude? What privileges and advantages does it boast about?

Advantages of ChatGPT

ChatGPT offers great features and benefits to its users, starting with the ability to make reminders.

As discussed previously, ChatGPT is not only fed data during the training phase. LLMs are also trained to process human language, allowing for smoother and conversational responses. Along with a human-like tone, ChatGPT can respond to a multitude of prompts. You can ask ChatGPT for information, check spelling and grammar, create schedules, translate documents, etc.


Although GPT-3.5 can perform all the functions mentioned above, GPT-4 has even higher ability to interpret user language, correctly execute prompts and efficient arguments. . GPT-4 also has a double character limit compared to GPT-3.5.

In addition, ChatGPT has a variety of browser plugins, including:

  1. Zapier
  2. Wolfram
  3. OpenTable
  4. Alchemy
  5. Prompt Perfect
  6. Link Reader
  7. FiscalNote
  8. KAYAK
  9. DAIZY

These plugins have a variety of functions but in general allow you to integrate ChatGPT into your online activities.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT

One of the biggest downsides of ChatGPT is that its training data is only up to date until September 2021. This means that ChatGPT cannot provide any newer information, which limits what you can do. may request.

ChatGPT also suffers from AI hallucination, where the AI ​​system gives incorrect answers that are not correlated with its training data. The system will believe this answer is correct, no matter how far the answer is from reality. AI hallucinations can lead to dishonest reactions and misinformation.

If you want to use ChatGPT, you can do so for free, but will be limited to the capabilities of GPT-3.5. To use GPT-4, you need to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus, which costs $20/month at the time of writing. If you don't want to spend any money but want the best version of ChatGPT, you may find this a difficult hurdle to overcome.

Finally, ChatGPT doesn't support use over VPN, which can make it difficult if you're a regular VPN user or want to bypass geo-restrictions in your region.

Pros and cons of Claude

So how does Claude compare to ChatGPT?

Claude's advantage

There are several ways that Claude outperforms ChatGPT.

First, Claude might be more suitable for people who want to create or refine code using an AI chatbot.

This is especially true for Claude 2 users, as it has a much larger context window than Claude 1.3 (which has a token limit of just 9,000) and ChatGPT. Claude 2 users can enter a staggering 100,000 tokens per prompt, meaning the chatbot can be given more data to work with.


If you have a large block of code that you want LLM to look through, then you will be limited to using ChatGPT (whether GPT-3.5 or GPT-4) compared to Claude 2. With Claude 2 you can provide hundreds of lines code without worrying about reaching the input limit.

Then the increased output limit of the Claude 2 allows for more detailed and informative feedback.

In addition, Claude has been trained with information up to December 2022, almost two years more than ChatGPT. This means that Claude can use more recent data, expanding his ability to answer fact-based questions.

Finally, Claude 2 is completely free to use, with no one-time fees or monthly subscriptions required to use it.

Claude's Weakness

Claude's biggest limitation is geographical availability. At the time of writing, Claude is only available to US and UK residents, while ChatGPT is available in most countries worldwide.

Unlike ChatGPT, Claude offers no plugins, which limits its flexibility in certain settings. However, Claude can be added to Slack if you want a little help writing a message or summarizing the messages you receive.

Like ChatGPT, Claude is also at risk for AI hallucinations, which is important to keep in mind.

Compare ChatGPT and Claude in detail

To understand more about how these two LLMs work, give each option the same prompts to see how they react.

1. Creativity

First, ask both Claude and ChatGPT to provide a poem, each time using the same prompt.

Both ChatGPT and Claude provide poems that match the prompt's parameters.

Claude or ChatGPT is the best LLM for everyday task? Picture 1


ChatGPT's poem is a bit shorter, emphasizing that it follows the required ABAB rhyme structure.

Claude or ChatGPT is the best LLM for everyday task? Picture 2

Claude, on the other hand, offers a slightly longer poem, but the two are equally creative.

2. Math ability

ChatGPT and Claude were asked to solve the same math equation. Both chatbots get the same trigonometry question, which involves finding the value of an angle.

ChatGPT's response walks us through the equation step-by-step rather than just providing an answer.

Claude or ChatGPT is the best LLM for everyday task? Picture 3

When faced with the same problem, Claude gave the following answer:

Claude or ChatGPT is the best LLM for everyday task? Picture 4


Interestingly, both chatbots gave different results, but only ChatGPT gave the correct answer.

3. Translation

Finally, ChatGPT and Claude were asked to translate a piece of Japanese into English. The standard translation is:

Flowers bloom in spring, but sometimes they bloom in summer. The grass beyond the meadow is green. The atmosphere is rich in the aroma of bark. 

The translation of ChatGPT is:

Flowers bloom in spring, but they can also bloom in summer. The grass beyond the pasture is green. There is a rich scent of tree bark in the atmosphere. 

Claude's translation is:

Flowers bloom in spring, but they also bloom in summer. The grass beyond the meadow is green. The aroma of the tree bark makes for a rich atmosphere. 

Compared to the standard translation, Claude translates from Japanese to English slightly better.

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