Virtual village with 25 AI residents capable of acting like humans

According to a recent publication, the research team describes that AI residents in this virtual village can automatically plan daily activities, even discuss the personality of each character when voting and coordinating parties. for Valentine's Day.

Virtual village with 25 AI residents capable of acting like humans Picture 1

In one scenario, an AI named Isabella was asked to create a plan for a Valentine's Day party. Other AI residents began to automatically send invitations to each other, get to know each other, and decorate the party venue together.

In the second scenario, the AIs will discuss the upcoming village election. And when discussing a character, these residents also give different views about a candidate.


The interaction between AIs in the village is built on the foundation of generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) to create human-like conversations.

The authors share that they have provided these AIs with the ability to store memories and thoughts so that they can use past experiences to shape future actions. This is the key for AI to behave like humans. For example, they can choose the right birthday gift for another AI based on the AI ​​details they remember.

Currently, more and more artificial intelligence models are capable of mimicking human behavior, but not all AI experiments are promising. In February, McDonald's made headlines when its AI chatbots repeatedly messed up simple orders.

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