World's fastest robot boxer, response delay less than 1/15 blink time

Qibo Robot Company introduced, Qibbot is the "fastest" telerobot (remote control robot) in the world.

World's fastest robot boxer, response delay less than 1/15 blink time Picture 1

It is not the speed but the ability to react in relation to the operator's actions that is the biggest technical challenge with remote-controlled robots.

Robot response time is extremely important in situations such as sports competition, crime fighting, military operations. The smallest delay can have big consequences.

More than 95% of the world's remote-controlled robots have a significant delay in response, often exceeding 100 milliseconds, according to Geng Tao, founder of Qibo Robot.

Meanwhile, Qibbot's latency is extremely low, only 12 milliseconds during high-speed operations, less than 1/15 of the blink time, so the operator almost does not feel the delay.

The team of experts at Qibbot have focused on solving the mechanical and controller challenges to achieve impressive speeds and ultra-low latency. They use a new real-time predictive controller that can predict system latency and react in advance, partially compensating for the delay.

In the world, there are only a few small sized robots and very complex remote control devices that achieve fast remote control with extremely low latency. Meanwhile, Qibbot has a 'giant' size when up to 1.9 m tall with an arm length of 1.5m and the one-arm version has also weighed up to 140 kg.

Geng's team plans to build an upgraded version of Qibbot with two arms later this year. Each arm of the upgraded version will have more joints and smoother movement. They expect fast-moving remote-controlled robots to be applied in production to help improve efficiency and in many emergency and dangerous situations such as crime fighting, military operations, etc.

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