What Are Your Birth Flowers, and What Do They Reveal About You?

mixed flowers

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Birth flowers are more than just pretty blooms

Flowers are always pretty, but sometimes they have a deeper personal meaning. Different flowers (and the various colors they come in) are infused with symbolism. As many rose enthusiasts know, there is a world of difference between red and yellow. Birth flowers, particularly, embody personality characteristics, along the lines of characteristics of a zodiac sign, says Kaylyn Hewitt, lead floral designer for The Bouqs Co.

Whether you have the rarest birthday, the most popular birth month or started life under the rarest zodiac sign, consider asking for floral birthday gifts when your special day rolls around. Hewitt says the practice of floriography—the language of flowers—spans cultures and thousands of years. Its roots are rumored to stretch to ancient Rome, but modern interpretations are more closely connected with the Victorian love of flower messaging.

Information about birth month flowers can vary. On The Bouqs Co. list, there is a primary and secondary flower. At 1-800-Flowers, most months have two offerings, but some have only one. Flowers themselves usually start with seasonality—but flower meanings can make the blooms even more special. Here’s what you need to know about birth flowers.

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carnations and snow drop flowers

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January: Carnation and snowdrop

As the January birth month flower, the carnation may surprise you. Carnations represent power and are referred to as “flower of the gods.” A deep red carnation has particular impact—which is perfect if you’re pretty fiery too. But more soothing colors of carnations may be a better match for some people born this month. “White indicates purity and good luck, and pink can symbolize a mother’s undying love,” says Valerie Ghitelman, vice president of product development, design and sourcing for 1-800-Flowers.

Quieter but optimistic January souls may pair better with the snowdrop. The little white flowers symbolize hope and birth—not surprising, considering they’re among the first to poke their heads through frozen ground. If another type of bloom has previously been more to your liking, discover what your favorite flower says about your personality.

carnations and snow drop flowers

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