The reason technology companies often choose blue logos

Black and blue dominate 53% of logos in the tech industry

According to new research by printing company Solopress, 53% of all the world's best performing tech brand logos are black and blue. Of which, blue is used by 30% of the best performing technology companies and is often used for social networking applications.

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As explained by experts, the color blue creates a sense of security and comfort for the viewer, and at the same time shows loyalty and professionalism. The color blue also helps us to calm down and lower the heart rate. Also, small changes to the exact shade of blue can make a difference.

Neuromarketing expert, Katie Hart shared, Google changed the specific shade of blue when it switched to a more 'red' blue for its links. Most users don't realize this change, but it adds up to $200 million in advertising revenue each year for the company.


Red and pink colors dominate food and beverage industry logos

41% of logos in the food industry and 29% of logos in the beverage industry are red and pink.

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The longer wavelength red has a stimulating effect on the receiver, arousing and motivating us to take action.

To some extent, red increases heart rate, blood pressure and cravings making us act faster, more impulsively, and likely to eat more. Therefore, red and pink colors are commonly used in the food and beverage industry, especially in fast food chains.

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