Thailand introduces the first 'artificial sun'

Tokamak reactors are capable of simulating nuclear fusion or fusion reactions taking place inside the Sun, so they are also known as "artificial suns". Fusion energy does not emit greenhouse gases or radioactive nuclear waste, so it is considered clean energy.

Thailand introduces the first 'artificial sun' Picture 1

Thailand is the first country in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to have a tokamak oven. The country also aims to become Southeast Asia's center of fusion technology as it plans to design and build its own tokamak furnace for domestic use within the next decade.

Thailand Tokamak-1 is upgraded from HT-6M, tokamak reactor developed by China Institute of Plasma Physics. The institute signed a cooperation agreement with the Thai Institute of Nuclear Technology and announced to donate tokamak to Thailand.

The whole machine, consisting of 462 large parts, weighing more than 84 tons, was shipped to Thailand in 6 containers. By December 2022, the tokamak reactor had passed the tests and was transferred to the Thai Institute of Nuclear Technology.

The Chinese Institute of Plasma Physics has helped Thailand install and operate the reactor and train specialists in this field. Thailand Tokamak-1 had its first successful test on April 21.

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