Photoshop's new AI engine allows images to be enlarged with new landscapes

In May, Adobe began beta testing a new tool that allows Photoshop users to fill in parts of a photo with an AI-generated image. Now, another tool called "Generative Expand" will also feature in the process.

Generative Expand, Photoshop's new AI tool that expands images

Generative Expand allows you to use Photoshop's Image Crop tool to add new images beyond the borders of the original image size. Just like the Generative Fill feature, Photoshop creates images based on text prompts like "forest" or if you don't enter anything, just make a best guess based on what's already in the image.

This tool can be used to add new scenes, expand portraits, or add magical backgrounds to real-world photos. As with all Generative AI these days, it can produce results you don't like, which is why advocates like Google, Microsoft, and Adobe see AI as an assistant to humans, not an assistant. replacement.

Photoshop's new AI engine allows images to be enlarged with new landscapes Picture 1

Adobe is approaching AI cautiously

Photoshop is at the heart of the work of many creative professionals, and the addition of Generative AI is a profound change. Adobe is trying to be careful with its capture process, examining the data it uses to train the AI ​​and staying away from areas of risk. But those hurdles put it at a disadvantage compared to easier Generative AI tools like Midjourney. Figuring out how to balance the benefits of AI without being harmed by its downsides is one of the major difficulties of the technology.

Photoshop's previous Generative Fill tool allowed anyone to enlarge an image, but it required more steps. The Generative Expand feature is built directly into the operation of the Crop tool, prompting Photoshop users with options as soon as they expand the canvas.

Also on Thursday, Adobe said the Generative Fill feature has been used more than 900 million times in several weeks of beta testing to date. The company has yet to reveal how subscribers will pay for the tool (it is expected to stop beta testing later this year).

Adobe has also made the AI ​​tool, part of its Firefly family of universal tools, available to a wide range of people by supporting text prompts in more than 100 languages.

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