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Microsoft introduced Cortana as a virtual assistant app in 2014. It was also once combined with Windows 10 taskbar search similar to current Bing AI chatbot in Windows 11. However, this app never got its hype due its limited support for less than 10 languages. Finally, Microsoft now announced on their support blog that Cortana in Windows will be retired by end of 2023.

Cortana App in Windows

Currently you can access Cortana as a standalone app and search by typing or with voice inputs. The app can do simple tasks withing Windows or uses Bing search to fetch relevant web results.

Cortana App in Windows 11
Cortana App in Windows 11

Microsoft mentioned they will completely remove Cortana app in Windows 10 and 11 by end of 2023. This is not a surprising news as Cortana mobile apps were shutdown long back in Mar 2021.

Emergence of AI and Death of Cortana

Starting from 2023, Microsoft is unstoppable in pushing Bing AI to Windows, Edge and other products. With the introduction of Bing AI chat in Windows Search, it is clearly evident that the Cortana app is redundant and no more useful. Other than voice input, Cortana also has no interactive features compared to the powerful Bing AI chatbot. So, if you are fond of using Cortana, Microsoft is suggesting moving on with the latest developments like using voice inputs, Bing AI chatbot and Copilots for Microsoft 365 and Windows 11.

Windows Copilot from Microsoft
Windows Copilot from Microsoft

Cortana on Other Products

Though Cortana app in Windows 10 and 11 will be going away soon, the existence of the virtual assistant will be still available on other apps. You can continue to use Cortana on Outlook, Teams and other integrated workplaces and it seems Microsoft does not have any plan to remove them in near future.

Things change continuously in this technological world. So, say adieu to dying Cortana app in Windows and start using the AI features in Windows 11.


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