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In the past, people easily remember Fresno for its impact on the agricultural sector. However, the story is changing from agriculture to tech lately. The rise of Fresno’s digital marketing bootcamps and tech industries is slowly transforming the place into a future tech hub.

With the Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) released in 2018, Fresno is positioned as one area with growth opportunities in ecosystem development. Also, Fresno’s performance in several vital areas gives it a competitive advantage in the industry.

Firstly, Fresno opens its arms to the outside world. Hence, a third of its entrepreneurs are people from other cities. Besides, Fresno scores highly in an average collision, so a strong sense of community and relationships exist among the founders.

Again, Fresno’s extensive network of stakeholders and leaders’ connections meets the global average. Also, the distinct identity of Fresno as a farming community makes it an excellent breeding ground for startups wishing to leverage the Agri-tech sector.

Lastly, Fresno provides excellent opportunities for startups since there is still a low concentration is startup businesses in the ecosystem.   

Today, many firms are beginning to see the potential in Fresno. Therefore, the need for software engineers, web experts, data scientists, and digital marketers is on the rise. As an IT expert, they were landing a great opportunity in Fresno is easy.

But how do you become a digital marketer without prior experience or coding background? One of the best ways is to sign up for one of the Fresno digital marketing bootcamps.

 Bootcamps in the Fresno area help students to acquire skills in digital marketing, UX/UI design, coding, web development, etc. It also provides you with the enabling ground to network with local and international industry experts.

What is a Digital Marketing Bootcamp?

  Fresno Digital marketing bootcamps are designed to help students understand and master the essentials of digital marketing. In addition, they are usually short and affordable, and many of them offer flexible programs.

Hence, they allow experts to cope with official duties and class obligations. Besides training materials, digital marketing bootcamps provide students with practical experience.

Again, depending on the type of program, you may get one-on-one mentorship from an industry expert. Also, some bootcamps provide you with career advice and placement opportunities.

As the internet continues to evolve, many companies and sectors are beginning to utilize the numerous benefits of social media in advertising. Therefore, the need for digital marketing professionals is constantly on the rise.

In other words, a digital marketing bootcamp provides the fastest route into the industry. Digital marketing is a fast-growing sector in modern businesses.

Hence, several job opportunities with lucrative salaries exist today in the digital marketing sector. Subsequently, digital marketing is fast becoming a popular career path.

However, there are several Fresno Digital Marketing Bootcamps in 2022 with different course curricula and training duration.

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How Much Does Fresno Digital Marketing Bootcamps Cost?

Digital marketing bootcamps allow people without a coding background to access and acquire the basic skills to work in the industry. Also, students that cannot receive a computer science education can leverage the opportunity that bootcamps provide.

The cost of digital marketing bootcamps in Fresno varies from one bootcamp to the other. However, digital marketing bootcamps usually cost anywhere from $300 to $15,000.

Nonetheless, there are also a few digital marketing bootcamps you can attend for free. The wide price margin is due to the wide variety of bootcamps available today.

Therefore, it is always advisable to pay for what you can afford. However, it is always good to go for bootcamps that offer practical sessions and assist you during your job application.

Likewise, many digital marketing bootcamps offer different payment options. For example, some bootcamps allow monthly installments, deferred payments, scholarships, up-front payments, loans, etc.

Also, many digital online marketing bootcamps provide students with various opportunities to become digitally literate and technically sound.

Do Fresno Digital marketing Bootcamp Graduates Get a Job?

The job expectation for graduates of Fresno digital marketing bootcamps is high. Similarly, as more industries continue to emerge, the demand for the skill of bootcamps graduates will also rise. Today, several new companies are emerging in the Fresno area with an emphasis on tech and software.

An example of a homegrown Fresno company is Decipher. The company is the brain behind the automated market research and customer experience software. FocusVision later purchased the software.  

Besides, Fresno is also famous for its leap achievements in pioneering business solutions. The all-in-one billing software BFlow and Aplos, a non-profit financial managing app, are both products of homegrown companies in Fresno.  

Subsequently, with substantial financial and moral backing from Fresno, more businesses are expected to rise over the coming years. Currently, one of the most significant sectors in Fresno is Information Technology.

In addition, the IT sector accounts for 500+ industries, and the Agri-Tech sector accounts for over 7 billion annual crop production in the area.

One of the primary forces behind the growth of technology in Fresno is Bitwise industries. Alongside providing consultation, they also offer workforce training and physical work workspace for startups in Fresno.

Since Bitwise began operation in 2013, it has been responsible for over 50 companies moving into Fresno. Many of these companies focus on SAAS and Mobile App development. Subsequently, With Bitwise’s partnership with Google, there is a greater assurance that Fresno will see more companies coming to the limelight.

Therefore, bootcamp graduates can combine their hands-on experience in digital marketing, data science, and management to develop their passion for tech, entrepreneurship, etc.

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How Will I Make as a Fresno Digital Marketing Bootcamp Graduate?

If you live in Fresno or the Central Valley region, the quality of living is very high, and the rates are also affordable. Compared to Los Angeles and San Francisco, Fresno is a better choice for startups that need to cut costs.

According to, the following are the average salary expectations of Fresno tech workers. In addition to the basic salaries, tech workers in Fresno may also receive cash bonuses.

  • Back-end Developer: $96,207
  • Content creator (like copywriter and video content creators): $45,176-$55,995
  • Content strategist: $62,394
  • Data Analyst: $44,872
  • Digital Marketing Analyst: $53,023
  • Digital marketing specialist: $50,380
  • Email marketer: $55,000
  • Full Stack Developer: $98,297
  • IT Security Specialist: $110,494
  • Java Programmer: $102,764
  • SEO specialist: $46,783
  • Social media specialist: $45,728
  • Software Designer: $91,785
  • Software Developer: $80,727
  • Software Engineer: $73,167
  • Digital marketing manager: $68,010
  • Social media manager: $52,239
  • Content marketing manager: $101,500
  • Email marketing manager: $106,427
  • Paid search manager: $72,234
  • SEO manager: $70,811
  • UX/UI designer: $96,040

Many fresh bootcamps graduates usually start working as entry-level staff. As their career progresses, their job titles will change, and so will their earning potential.

Do Employers Think That Digital Marketing Bootcamps are Worth it?

Yes. Many employers today use digital marketing bootcamps graduates to fill vacant positions. Today, employers are looking for a result and willing to hire passionate individuals with bootcamp certifications.

Lately, the tech-driven industry is constantly on the rise. Therefore, hiring managers are spreading out their nets for potential clients. Therefore, they spread their employment channels for the best candidates.  

Also, many employers today are aware of the importance of hiring an individual with practical experience and abreast with technical know-how. Many bootcamps teach the most recent ideas and trends in digital marketing.

Nonetheless, whether you are the right candidate for a job depends on several factors. However, many employers prefer practical skills to a college certificate.

Again, you need to demonstrate a combination of the skills you learned from your bootcamp session and soft skills from your past work experience; every employer will regard you for employment opportunities.

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What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing Bootcamps?

There are many benefits of attending a digital marketing bootcamp. One of the benefits is the opportunity to participate in hands-on training. Besides this, other uses of attending a digital marketing bootcamp include:


  • Digital marketing bootcamps offer mainly in-demand job skills.
  • They are hugely more affordable than a regular college degree.
  • They take a shorter time to complete.
  • Many digital marketing bootcamps provide various payment options, including deferred payment.


  • Digital marketing bootcamps are not eligible for Federal Students Financial Aid (FAFSA).
  • They usually focus on job-relevant skills and teach less of the theory and importance of marketing.
  • Many digital marketing bootcamps are privately owned and are not accredited
  • They are less versatile than a college degree. Many bootcamps provide training in only a specific area of digital marketing at a time. Hence, they leave the vastly explorable potential untapped.  

Are There Online Digital Marketing Bootcamps in Fresno?

Many digital marketing bootcamps today offer both online and offline classes. Online digital marketing bootcamps enable people with daily schedules to attend classes in their free time.

Additionally, online digital marketing bootcamps allow participants to revisit previous topics for better understanding. However, always remember that digital learning marketing online differs from learning in a classroom with a fixed schedule.

More importantly, select an online bootcamp that supports your learning style. Likewise, look for other twerks like after-graduation services and placement opportunities, mentors, graduate networks, etc.

Making the best choice when selecting an online digital marketing bootcamp will ensure you get the best experience.  Remember to network and join alum associations after your bootcamp to improve your chances of getting a job after your training.

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Top 10 Fresno Digital Marketing Bootcamps in 2023

Here is our list of the best Fresno Digital Marketing Bootcamps you can choose from to kickstart your marketing career.

  • Simplilearn
  • Springboard Academy
  • Brain Station  
  • JobPrepped
  • Thinkful
  • Kellog Executive Education
  • American Graphics Institute
  • Columbia Business School
  • SkillBank
  • Highway Education

#1. Simplilearn   

  • Courses: Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity
  • Program Schedule: Online, Part-time, Self-paced
  • Dates: Rolling
  • Cost: $0.00 – $4,750.00
  • Payment options: Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing
  • Contact: [email protected]| Facebook | Twitter |Linkedin

When it comes to the online digital economy, skill training on relevant skills and approaches, Simplilearn is the one place to go. With over 13720+ Alumni, the bootcamp ranks #1 on the list of online bootcamps in the Fresno area.

At Simplilearn, the goal is to help students acquire the basic skills they need to succeed in the digital economy. The wide range of online training at Simplilearn bootcamp covers the area of:

  • Digital Marketing
  • AI and machine learning
  • Big Data Cloud Computing
  • Project Management
  • Cyber Security, etc.

Simplilearn bootcamp works together with reputable universities and tech companies like Caltech CTME and Amazon to provide comprehensive certification programs.

The bootcamp program comprises live online sessions from industry experts, projects, and integrated online lab sections. Also, this bootcamp offers its students 24/7 support to their students. They ensure that graduates are ready to take up job roles immediately.

Also, Simplilearn conducts over 1500 live bootcamps every month across several programs. Many of its programs are result-oriented, enabling over 85% of its graduates to enjoy different benefits.

So far, Simplilearn has helped over two million experts and 2000 corporate institutions in more than 150 countries to achieve business and career goals.

Sign up with Simplilearn by clicking here.

#2. Springboard Academy

  • Courses: Digital Marketing
  • Program Schedule: Online (Part-time, Full-time, Self-paced)
  • Dates: Rolling
  • Cost: $2,495
  • Payment options: Deferred Tuition, Loan Financing, Monthly Installments, Upfront Payments
  • Contact: [email protected]| Facebook| Twitter| Linkedin

Springboard Academy offers an extensive eight weeks digital marketing bootcamp divided into eight parts. Students learn how to launch a successful multi-channel marketing campaign.

Springboard aims to create job-ready experts with the right skill to drive business growth using the following coure topics:

  • Digital marketing fundamentals
  • Buyer personas and positioning
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media marketing
  • Email and partnership marketing
  • Measurement and analysis

Also, Springboard Academy student enjoys one-on-one mentoring from professionals via live calls for assistance. Students also can network with other students and tutors on Slack.

Click here to join Springboard Academy today.

#3. Brain Station

  • Courses: UX/UI Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity
  • Program Schedule: Online, Full-time, Part-time
  • Dates: Rolling
  • Cost: $2,450.00 – $15,000.00
  • Payment options: Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Employer-Sponsored
  • Contact: [email protected]| Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Quora

There are several bootcamp programs available at Brain Station that students can access online. Students can either study digital marketing online on a part-time or full-time schedule.

 Besides digital marketing, there are other certificate programs available at Brain Station that students can access. Generally, Brain Station aims to prepare students to work in various areas in the tech industry.

In addition, Brain Station collaborates with over 6,500 hiring partners and emphasizes more on career services to ensure that students are job-ready after graduation.

Hence, through practical workshops and live support from career coaches, students stand a better chance of getting a good job after graduation.

Brain Station’s curriculum has career skills as part of the programs. You can sign up for full-time or part-time online courses with Brain Station bootcamp.

For more information, register with Brain Station bootcamp here.

#4. JobPrepped

  • Courses: Digital Marketing
  • Program Schedule: Self-paced
  • Dates: Rolling
  • Cost: $499.00 – $499.00
  • Payment options: Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments
  • Contact: [email protected] |Linkedin

The list of Fresno Marketing Bootcamps will not be complete without this bootcamp. JobPrepped is a digital marketing bootcamp offering an immediate work experience program. JobPrepped is one of the few bootcamps focusing only on digital marketing.

Conversely, these bootcamps ensure that its graduates get hired quickly. 94.3% of the JobPrepped students gain employment or are invited for a job interview within three weeks of graduation.

Besides JobPrepped, no other bootcamp offers you marketing job experience immediately after graduation. You gain industry experience, which is one thing marketing agents look out for when hiring people.

JobPrepped was founded by hiring managers. Therefore, they provide everything you should know about an entry-level marketing job application. JobPrepped work in four steps which are:

Step One: JobPrepped will train you in digital marketing, depending on your chosen selection. You will learn here: Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation Tools, Email Marketing, SEO Marketing, SEM Marketing, Analytics, Lead Generation, etc.

Step Two: once you complete your training, JobPrepped provides you with a work experience opportunity in the areas where hiring managers require experience. However, there are no strict deadlines for JobPrepped assignments; they are optional. Nonetheless, working experience helps to boost your resume.

Step Three: After your training and work experience, they assist you in building a responsive resumé.

Step Four: The bootcamps provide you with valuable tips on how to answer different job interview questions.

JobPrepped graduates are among the top one percent of entry-level digital marketing candidates. Today, JobPrepped has an employment rate of 94,3%.

For more information about JobPrepped digital marketing bootcamp, click here.    

#5. Thinkful

  • Courses: UX/UI Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Engineering Immersion, Full Stack Development
  • Program Schedule: Online, Full-time, Part-time, Self-paced
  • Dates: Rolling
  • Cost: $4,900 to $16,000
  • Payment options: Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing
  • Contact: [email protected] | Facebook| Twitter| Linkedin| Github | Quora

Thinkful bootcamp offers a variety of flexible and intensive courses in several areas of tech with high demand among employers. Thankful offers part-time and full-time programs in UX/UI design, software engineering, and data analytics.

In addition, they offer part-time programs in digital marketing, data science, and technical project management. Thinkful application is easy. Once you submit your application details, they will quickly review your qualification. You can resume your training online immediately.

Click here to join thinkful bootcamp.

#6. Kellog Executive Education

  • Courses: Tech Sales, Digital Marketing, Product Management
  • Program Schedule: Online, Part-time
  • Dates: Rolling
  • Cost: $1,950.00 – $9,500.00
  • Payment options: Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing
  • Contact: [email protected]

Kellogg Executive Education is among the top Fresno digital marketing bootcamps in 2022. It is a renowned international business school with skilled academic faculties, students, and graduates in various business sectors worldwide.

In addition, Kellogg Executive Education combines excellent courses, school resources, and staff that work together to prepare you for your digital marketing career. You gain access to prep materials when you sign up for Kellog Executive Education bootcamp.

Kellogg Executive Education prep materials are available two weeks before the beginning of their bootcamp.

Also, as part of the Kellog Executive Education bootcamp package, they offer students placement opportunities at the end of their training.

Again, Kellogg Executive Education utilizes a school recruitment channel to link students and potential recruiting companies. Seventy-one percent of Kellogg graduates who got full-time jobs passed through the school recruitment channel.

Click here to register for Kellogg Executive Education bootcamp.

#7. American Graphics Institute

  • Courses: Digital Marketing Certificate Program, Responsive HTML Email Class, Responsive HTML Email Class
  • Program Schedule: online, onsite  
  • Dates: Rolling
  • Cost: $5,700
  • Payment options: call or submit an inquiry for details
  • Contact: AGI

AGI digital marketing certificate program provides students the opportunity to learn how to utilize modern digital design tools to boost marketing. Also, as part of the program requirement, students produce works to showcase their new talents.

AGI’s digital marketing certification program uses a practical approach to teach basic marketing principles. Also, they teach students how to use modern digital marketing like emails, Google Analytics, and HTML tools.

You can attend the AGI digital marketing bootcamp online or on-site if you stay in Boston. However, AGI Fresno digital bootcamps are offered online.

With the rolling admission process, students can start their classes anytime. At the end of your program with AGI, you get the assistance of AGI to produce a compelling portfolio.

AGI has had a record of 91% placement success in the past two months. You can join the next cohort to enjoy a placement opportunity if you sign up today for a bootcamp.

Follow the link to sign up for AGI digital marketing certification program.

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#8. Columbia Business School

  • Courses: Data Science, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Product Management
  • Program Schedule: Online, Part-time
  • Dates: Rolling
  • Cost: $1,400.00 – $6,950.00
  • Payment options: Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments
  • Contact: [email protected] 

Columbia Business School is renowned as one of the leading business schools in the world. It prides itself on the quality of its faculties. Also, Students from Columbia Business School acquire leadership skills across several divisions and disciplines.

Columbia Business School was established in 1916 as part of Columbia University. Today, it offers digital marketing bootcamps for students who are passionate about digital marketing.

Likewise, the school’s bootcamp programs prepare its students through rigorous programs and hands-on experience. Today, the university is among the top Fresno digital marketing bootcamps available.

Register with Columbia Business school today to kickstart your journey in the digital marketing world.  

#9. SkillBank

  • Courses: Digital Marketing
  • Program Schedule: Self-paced
  • Dates: Rolling
  • Cost: $4,999.00 – $4,999.00
  • Payment options: Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments
  • Contact: [email protected] | Facebook| Twitter | Linkedin

If you are looking for a self-paced digital marketing bootcamp in Fresno, you should consider SkillBank. It focuses on training students to utilize paid media content to drive sales. In other words, they focus on advertising technology and digital marketing.

Also, SkillBank achieves its goal of creating the best digital marketers through a comprehensive practical approach. Students learn online and collaborate with marketing agencies to gain applicable skills during their training.  

Some of the things you will learn at SkillBank digital marketing bootcamp include how to use:

  • Amazon Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads and Analytics

For each Ad students complete, they get certified and gain practical experience. The bootcamp is also affordable and provides various payment options for students. Also, SkillBank’s monthly installment payment allows you to spread your fees across 12 months.

The part-time lectures allow students up to two hours of live discussion with their mentors weekly.  

Follow the link to join Skillbank here.

#10. Highway Education

  • Courses: Digital Marketing
  • Program Schedule: Full-time
  • Dates: Rolling  
  • Cost: $16,000.00 – $16,000.00
  • Payment options: ISA, Upfront Payments, Employer-Sponsored
  • Contact: [email protected]| Twitter | Linkedin

If you are interested in learning digital marketing strategies, Highway Education bootcamp is your best option. Also, at the end of your period with Highway Education, you will be familiar with digital marketing operations and different marketing strategies.  

Highway Education bootcamp covers the following areas:

  • Marketing tools
  • Marketing operation basics
  • Campaign building
  • Modern marketing strategy

Also, students of Highway Education learn more about SEO and Data Analytics. One reason you should consider Highway Education is that 100% of its students get jobs that pay at least 55,000 per year.

Whether you are a novice or wish t upscale your skill, this bootcamp will significantly assist you. Highway Education is among the Fresno Digital marketing Bootcamps you should consider attending in 2022.

Follow this link to sign up for Highway Education bootcamp.  

Is Fresno Marketing Bootcamps Worth it?  

With all the tech advancements in the Fresno area, the need for a digital marketing professional is becoming more relevant. Hence, pursuing a digital marketing career is an excellent way to leverage all the new opportunities.

Besides, many startup companies in Fresno today consider bootcamp graduates for entry roles in the industry. Also, many Fresno digital marketing bootcamps are designed to help professionals who wish to upgrade or switch careers.

Likewise, it is the fastest route to grab the basic skills you require for digital marketing. However, bootcamps may not offer the extensive experience a four-year degree will provide. But it is a fast and easy way to start a career in digital marketing.


 Are digital marketing bootcamps worth it?

Yes. They are fast and efficient and help you acquire the necessary skills to kickstart your digital marketing career.

What is a digital marketing bootcamp?

A digital marketing bootcamp is an extensive digital marketing program that relies on a multi-disciplinary approach to help students acquire the necessary digital marketing skills.

Why do you want to join the digital business bootcamp?

It provides you with hands-on experience in the basic skills and tools you need to become an effective digital marketing expert.

Is a coding bootcamp enough to get a job?

Yes. Many top coding bootcamp has an excellent job placement rate for their students. Also, many bootcamp graduates get a job within six months of graduation.

Does digital marketing require coding?

Programming language can be a valuable addition to your bootcamp experience. However, a digital marketing professional does not require coding or programming knowledge.

Does digital marketing pay well?

A digital marketer’s salary is relatively high. The average salary of a digital marketer ranges from$83,000 – $119,000 annually.


Fresno Digital Marketing bootcamps all vary in style and programs. While some provide live mentorship, others provide extensive training materials for their students.

However, it is always best to sign up for a bootcamp that allows you to discuss with live trainers.

Again, some bootcamps may be expensive, but they remain your best choice if you are looking for a fast route to becoming a digital marketer.




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