AI creates dancing videos with just a single photo

The AI ​​Disco model allows the user to retain both the foreground and background of the image, creating a realistic feel. This AI can also learn a new choreography and reproduce the user's actions. This AI also has many scenes and choreography from different videos that allow users to choose.

AI creates dancing videos with just a single photo Picture 1

To turn a photo into any dancing video using AI Disco, users need to upload a video with the original dance, and select an individual photo with body proportions close to the model in the original video. AI will analyze and reproduce the movements in the video. Then, will separate the background, separate details on the body such as limbs, head, face in the image. And finally, it matches the movements previously analyzed by the system.

The Disco training team said that in order for the AI ​​to learn dance poses and separate people from the background, they used about 700,000 photos from TikTok. The AI ​​also learned about how people move through 350 dancing videos, each 10-15 seconds long.

With Disco, users perform all popular choreography on TikTok to 'catch the trend' instantly with just one photo without having to learn.

However, many people worry that this AI application can also cause deepfake content to spread on social networks.

Disco is not only for social media users, but it can also be used as a substitute for stuntmen to help actors dance naturally in the post-production of movies and TV shows.

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