7 best websites to help kids learn about AI and Machine Learning

If you have young children or are a teacher, you may want them to learn the latest technologies to excel in school and have an edge when looking for a future job. With rapid technological advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are essential skills you can teach your country's future preschoolers.

Thankfully, you can easily access free and paid online resources to support your child's learning journey. In today's article, let's explore some of the best online learning websites about AI and Machine Learning technologies for kids with TipsMake.com.com.

1. Kubrio

If you want to boost your child's creativity and AI skills, you can schedule a demo session with Kubrio. Alternative education site that offers distance learning experiences on the latest technologies like ChatGPT.

Students aged 8 to 18 learn about a variety of subjects at their own pace. At the same time, they can collaborate with other friends with similar interests.


Kubrio's AI Prompt Engineering Lab teaches your kids to use the best online AI tools to create content. Children will learn how to develop engaging stories, interactive games, professional quality movies, podcasts, engaging songs, aesthetic design and software.

Kubrio also applies AI learning in the form of "Quests". Students choose their Quest, complete creative challenges, build portfolios, and earn points and badges. This program is currently in beta, but you can sign up for them to join the beta.

2. Create&Learn

Explore the Create&Learn website if you want to introduce your child to the latest technological advancements from an early age. The e-learning site has a variety of classes that help children explore the fascinating world of robotics, artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Depending on the grade level, your child can take AI classes like Hello Tech!, AI Explorers, Python for AI, and AI Creators. Students in grades two through 12 learn how AI works and is applied to the latest technology, such as self-driving cars, facial recognition, and games.

Create&Learn's award-winning curriculum is designed by experts from renowned institutions like MIT and Stanford. But if you're not sure if your child will enjoy the sessions, you can join a free introductory class.

3. Machine Learning for Kids


One of the best ways to learn ML and AI is through hands-on Machine Learning project ideas for beginners. Machine Learning for Kids specializes in hands-on training in Machine Learning, a subfield of AI that allows computers to learn from data and experience.

Your child will train the computer to recognize text, images, numbers, or sounds. For example, you can train a model to distinguish between images of a happy person and a sad person using free photos from the Internet.

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Your child will then try their hand at Scratch, Python, or App Inventor to create projects and build games using their trained Machine Learning model.

Free, simple and user-friendly online platform. You'll have access to worksheets, lesson plans, and tutorials so you can learn with your child. Your child will also be guided through the key steps to completing a simple Machine Learning project.

4. Experiments With Google


If you and your kids are curious about how artificial intelligence and Machine Learning work, consider Experiments With Google. Free website that explains Machine Learning and AI through simple, interactive projects for learners of different ages.

Experiments With Google is a very engaging platform that will give children hours of fun and learning. Your child will learn how to build a homemade classifier using Machine Learning, create and chat with a fictional character, conduct his own orchestra, use the camera to make doodles come to life motion, etc.

Many experiments don't require coding, so choose projects that are appropriate for your child's level. If you're working with young children, try Scrobly; Quick, Draw! and LipSync with YouTube. Meanwhile, teenagers can learn how experts build neural networks to learn about AI or explore other more complex projects using AI.

5. AI World School

Do you want to teach your kids how to create amazing things with AI? If yes, then AI World School is an ideal educational technology platform for you. This e-learning site offers self-taught, online AI and programming courses for kids and teens ages 7 and up.

AI World School's courses are designed by a team of educators and technology experts. Courses include AI Novus (introduction to AI for ages 7 to 10), Virtual Driverless Car, Playful AI Explorations Using Scratch, and more.

The site also offers affordable resources for parents and educators. Simply visit Project Hub to order $1 - $3 worth of AI projects, which you can filter by age group, skill level, and software.

Kids and teens can also try free games by clicking Play AI for Free . Talk to an AI model named Zhorai, teach it about animals, and let it guess where these animals live. Students can also ask the AI ​​bot about the weather in any city or challenge it in a competitive tic-tac-toe game.

6. AIClub

AIClub is a team of software and AI experts with hands-on experience. AIClub was founded by Dr. Nisha Tagala, a PhD in computer science. graduated from UC Berkeley. After failing to find a fun and easy program to help her 11-year-old daughter learn AI, she built her own.


AI Club's progressive curriculum is designed for elementary, middle, and high school students. Your child will learn how to create unique projects using AI and write code.

You can also choose to enroll your child in a one-on-one class with expert advisors. This personalized online class allows students to study topics of interest to them on a flexible schedule. They will also receive feedback and advice from a mentor to improve their research.

7. Teachable Machine

Have you ever wondered how machines can learn from data and perform tasks that humans can do? Check out Teachable Machine, a website by Google Developers that lets you create your own Machine Learning models in minutes.

Teachable Machine is a fun way for children and teenagers to start learning the concepts and applications of Machine Learning. You don't need any coding skills or prior knowledge, just a webcam, microphone or image. Children can experiment with images, sounds, poses, text, etc. They will understand how adjusting settings and data changes the performance and accuracy of the model.

Teachable Machine is a learning tool and an innovative platform that unleashes the imagination. Your kids can use their models to create games, artwork, music, or anything else they want. If kids need inspiration, show them a library of projects created by other users.

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