15 Best Driving Schools in Long Beach | 2023 Review

 Long Beach driving schools prepare new drivers to acquire a learner’s permit or driver’s license.

At the same time, they offer refresher programs for experienced drivers who want to improve and brush up on their driving skills.

As much as you’re excited to hit the road, you would be infringing the Long Beach City driving laws if you do so without having a driver’s license. 

And to obtain a driver’s license, you must attend one of the driving schools in Long Beach, California, in 2023.

From in-vehicle classes to in-class sessions to online sessions to all three learning formats, the driving schools in Long Beach are all out to give you the best driving lessons.

In addition to learning about vehicle operation, you will also learn about the state’s driving laws and the effects of alcohol and drugs while behind the wheel. 

So if you’re a new vehicle owner in Long Beach and want to learn how to operate your vehicle and drive, look no further. This guide has a compilation of the best 2023 Long Beach driving schools. 

Let’s sail together! 

Why You Should Attend a Driving School

There are many reasons why you should attend a driving school. However, we will look at a few reasons below. 

It boosts your confidence behind the wheel.

Confidence on the road is essential if you must hit the road with your car. Lack of confidence results in poor choices, accidents, and freezing up when situations arise! 

Yes, that’s how important confidence is! However, all these will not be the case if you attend a driving school because your confidence will be improved.

You will also learn how to handle emergencies like a car breakdown, which will help you stay confident. 

You’ll learn defensive driving.

Nothing is more annoying than getting involved in a crash after acquiring your driving license. 

Hence, another reason you should attend one of the driving schools in Long Beach. You will acquire knowledge of defensive driving techniques, which lessens the chances of being involved in a crash.

Compared to the costs of crashes, investing in driving lessons is cheaper and wiser as it will save you more money in the future. 

Good driving records

Going to a driving school educates you on the right skills to acquire better driving habits. It also helps you become a better driver. 

Aside from that, quality driving lessons will result in lesser car insurance premiums. Thus, you will have better driving records.

You learn from professional instructors.

Attending Long Beach driving schools allows you to learn from professional driving instructors.

Professional driving lessons are way beyond just learning how to start and operate a car.

But if you already know how to drive, your instructor will pinpoint any weaknesses and teach you better driving techniques. 

It will teach you your state’s driving laws.

There are driving laws! And these laws change with time and differ by state. So, going to a driving school will educate you on the current driving laws of your state.

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What Are The Requirements For Driving Schools in Long Beach in 2023?

For those below 17½, the California DMV requires that you take the Drivers Ed course. In addition, you must attend at least 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training to qualify for your driver’s license. 

Long Beach’s driver training is divided into three 2-hour sessions, and a driving instructor will give you instructions. 

Here are the skills you will learn during the classes: 

  • Best safety techniques
  • Speed adjustment to road and traffic conditions 
  • Driving on multi-lane roads and freeways 
  • Entering highway traffic 
  • Intersections and turning 
  • Fundamental driving maneuvers 
  • Leaving highway traffic 
  • Backing and parking maneuvers 
  • Sharing the road and lane position 
  • Overview of vehicle systems, indicators, and components. 

List of The Best Driving Schools in Long Beach in 2023

Check out our compilation of the best Long Beach driving schools in 2023:

  1. Kay-1 Driving School
  2. EZ Street Driving School
  3. Safety First Driving School
  4. G-Medical Health and Safety Institute
  5. Gonzalez Driving School
  6. South Bay Driving School
  7. Aceable
  8. Coastline Academy
  9. Caltop Driving School
  10. Cruise Control Driving and Traffic School
  11. American Freedom Driving School
  12. Kanor Driving School
  13. Freeway Easy Traffic and Driving School
  14. Stick Shift Driving Academy
  15. Pacific Driving School

What Are The 15 Best Driving Schools in Long Beach | 2023?

Here, we discuss the 15 Best driving schools in Long Beach, 2023. You’ll learn about the programs and services they offer. Additionally, each driving school has its website attached to aid further research and information.

1. Kay-1 Driving School

Kay-1 Driving School has served Long Beach and neighboring communities for more than thirty-three years.

They aim to convert nervous individuals into safe and confident drivers in an interactive and educational environment.

Below are the things you’ll enjoy at Kay-1 Driving School:

  • Personalized, one-on-one instruction.
  • State-certified, patient, and cheerful instructors.
  • Free pickup and drop-off.
  • Insured vehicles with dual braking systems.
  • Well-versed staff that is ready to answer your questions.    

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2. EZ Street Driving School

This driving school offers various features to assist students in acquiring the necessary driving knowledge. They include the following:

  • Private lessons
  • Qualified instructors
  • Smoke-free environments
  • Cost-effective driving packages
  • Pickup and drop-off

In addition to these features, the institution provides courses in the following programs:

  • Online driver education courses
  • Teen/adult drivers training
  • Brush up drivers training
  • Other car/vehicle services

For convenience’s sake, EZ Driving Academy has six locations—Westminster, Placentia, Harbor City, Garden Grove, Newport Beach, and Long Beach.

Thus, you can attend your driving lessons anywhere close to you.

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3. Safety First Driving School

Safety First driving school has been open for overover 25 years. And their instructors are DMV-certified and have undergone background checks, physical exams, and training.

It stands out from other driving schools because they serve teens and adults with disabilities. Furthermore, they personalize their lessons to fit their clients.

So, its exceptionalism has earned it a spot on our list of the best 2023 driving schools in Long Beach. Safety First Driving School provides traffic school, behind-the-wheel training, and driver’s education.

In addition to that, their friendly and patient staff are all out to assist you anytime. 

Another thing you might like about this institution is that they provide accommodation for students who live outside their service area.

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4. G-Medical Health and Safety Institute

The G-Medical Health and Safety Institute provides truck driving education at the heart of Long Beach.

With more than 20 years of experience in helping safe drivers hit the road, G-Medical Health and Safety Institute will be among the best driving schools in Long Beach in 2023.

One striking thing about this institute is its affordability. So, you can learn truck driving at a cost-effective rate, unlike other expensive truck driving schools.

You can land a job in the transportation industry after completing your training and passing your commercial driving exams.

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5. Gonzalez Driving School

This Long Beach driving academy trains you on the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to get on the road and pass the DMV driving test.

Furthermore, its lessons are offered in English and Spanish to make learning convenient for Spanish speakers.

So if you’re a nervous new driver or an experienced driver who needs refresher courses, Gonzalez Driving School can meet your driving needs.

In addition, they provide hourly, weekly, intensive, and even residential driving lessons. Therefore, you don’t have an excuse not to know how to drive.

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6. South Bay Driving School

For over 25 years, South Bay Driving School has been breeding safe drivers on the Long Beach streets.

We like that this institute provides only private driving classes to ensure personalized attention and avoid distraction.

Furthermore, South Bay Driving School is licensed by the California DMV, meaning they have all you require to be well-grounded in driving.

In addition to having insured and bonded vehicles, the institution uses late-model cars for their driving instruction.

South Bay Driving School’s vehicles have dual-control brakes. You can see their website for detailed information on the courses they offer.

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7. Aceable

Aceable is our favorite driving school because you can learn how to drive anywhere and anytime. Its lessons are entirely online.

It is one of the top driving schools in Long Beach, 2023, offering teen Drivers Ed courses online.

In addition to being state-certified, you will learn all you need to succeed as a Long Beach driver.

Learning is enjoyable and interactive during online sessions. And that is what makes this school unique!

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8. Coastline Academy

Coastline Academy aims to stop accidents by teaching individuals to become safe, better, and confident drivers.

Whether you’re a new driver or want to polish your driving skills before your test, Coastline Academy will give you a driving experience that will make you a more confident driver.

Furthermore, its reputation has earned it a spot on our list of best driving schools in Long Beach. They also provide the following:

  • State-certified and well-trained driving instructors
  • Up-to-date and interactive online courses
  • Neat, late-model vehicles with current safety features
  • Online scheduling
  • Well-versed and friendly chat, email, and phone support professionals to guide you where you need assistance.

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9. Caltop Driving School

This state-licensed driving school opened its doors in 1991. It prides itself on its professionalism, standards, and patient staff.

Furthermore, Caltop Driving School focuses on satisfying its students’ needs. So, don’t hesitate to notify them if you have special needs.

With Caltop’s experience in the driving industry, you will learn the fundamentals of driving, road laws, how to manage emergencies, etc.

Caltop Driving School also offers behind-the-wheel instruction alongside teen and adult driving programs.

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10. Cruise Control Driving and Traffic School

If you want to pass your Class C driving test, attend a driving class with Cruise Control Driving and Traffic School.

They offer driver education and mature driver courses for seniors from age 55. In addition to focusing on helping you get your license, this driving school’s learning techniques make them stand out from others.

Furthermore, they have a 98 percent success rate, making them win many students seeking a Class C license.

In addition to providing mature driver and online driver education courses, Cruise Control Driving and Traffic School give you an excellent behind-the-wheel experience.

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11. American Freedom Driving School

The American Freedom Driving School deserves a spot on our best Long Beach driving schools list in 2023 because it has bred safe drivers since 2011.

From defensive driving courses to teen/adult driving lessons to Driver’s Education, refresher lessons, and Traffic school courses, American Freedom Driving School has got you covered.

In addition, they provide personalized instruction. You will also enjoy free pickup and drop-off for your driving lessons.

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12. Kanor Driving School

Another school that made it to our list of the best driving schools in Long Beach is Kanor Driving School. It was founded in 1995 and has remained one of the top driving schools in California.

The school serves teens and seniors in their 70s, 80s, and above. Their experienced and professional instructors are assigned based on your skill level and special needs.

Kanor Driving School concentrates on providing you with the best driving education. With their different teaching approaches, you’re sure to become a better driver by the end of your training.

Additionally, their private one-on-one classes are taught on Toyota Prius.

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13. Freeway Easy Traffic and Driving School

This is a combination of a traffic and driving school. And its services are beyond teaching driving lessons.

So if you’re searching for a driving school that offers the following services below Freeway Easy Traffic and Driving School is your one-stop place!

Their services include the following:

  • Behind-the-wheel driving lessons
  • In-car driver training for teens and adults
  • Vehicle assistance for DMV road test
  • Drivers Education course
  • Traffic violators school
  • ILP/TAY assistance
  • Adult & senior driver lessons

Meanwhile, their registration services include the following:

  • Registration Renewal
  • Title transfers
  • Out-of-state transfers
  • Handicap transfers

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14. Stick Shift Driving Academy

Do you want to learn only stick shift driving? Then, go to the stick shift specialists. This driving school specializes in no other thing but stick shift driving.

Below are the things you will benefit from upon registering with them:

  • Driving instructors provide the vehicle for practice.
  • The school’s curriculum covers up & down shifting, parking, hill starts, etc.
  • An open parking lot is available for training.

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15. Pacific Driving School

With more than 31 years of experience, Pacific Driving School is among California’s leading DMV-licensed driving schools.

The school is a blend of traffic and driving school that strives to meet the driving needs of its students.

Furthermore, they provide services like online Driver Ed and DMV-licensed courses alongside Internet Traffic School.

So if any of these is what you want, Pacific Driving School suits you.

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How to Register For Driving Schools in Long Beach | 2023

The steps below will guide you through registering for a driving school in Long Beach:

  • Do proper research about the driving institutions in Long Beach.
  • Pick your preferred school or one that best suits your needs.
  • Please browse the school’s website to find out the programs they offer, the cost, and the curriculum.
  • Contact the school by email or phone if you have further questions. You can also visit the school for a tour.
  • Afterward, visit the school’s website to enroll in your chosen program. Most driving schools perform registration through their website.
  • Finally, start your driving lessons.

Do Driving Schools in Long Beach Teach Well?

In addition to being licensed by the California DMV, Long Beach driving schools have the necessary facilities and updated curricula to equip you with driving knowledge.

Therefore, these schools teach well. So, you’ll learn all you need to be a better driver.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the best driving schools in Long Beach in 2023, your search and enrollment process will be more straightforward.

But ensure you do thorough research about a school before choosing it. We attached each school’s website to help quicken the process.

Meanwhile, which driving school do you prefer?


What is the best age to learn to drive?

Age 16 is the ideal age to learn to drive.

Can I learn to drive in a week?

While there’s no specific answer to this question, the amount of time you can learn to drive depends on individual differences.

Some people could take months to get used to the steering wheel, while others could take a few days or weeks.

What is the best driving school car?

Some of them include the following:

1. Qubo/Peugeot Bipper Tepee
2. Skoda Fabia (Mk3)
3. Citroen Nemo Multispace/Fiat
4. Ford Fiesta (Mk7)
5. Renault ZOE
6. Volkswagen up!/ SEAT Mii/Skoda Citigo
7. Vauxhall Corsa (Mk4)
8. Toyota Aygo/Citroen C1/Peugeot 108
9. Kia Picanto (Mk3)

Why is driving so hard?

For some people, driving is challenging since it entails operating a hefty machine over a long distance. At the same time, it is not hard for others. However, gaining mastery of this skill will make driving a lot easier.

What questions would be asked in a driving test?

Here are some questions you should anticipate:

1. What is meant by a broken yellow line?
2. Where should you stop when you arrive at a stop sign with no white line?
3. What does a solid white line in the center of the road mean?
4. What is meant by double broken white stripes along the center of the road?



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