13 Best Driving Instructor Schools to Enroll Now

With the rise in using automobiles today compared to years before, the need for top driving instructor schools is yet to begin. The steps to becoming a driving instructor are first taking an instructor program from a state-approved agency. 

After which, you sit for the state board licensure exam. This examination combines instructional tests, practicals, and theories and determines whether you qualify. 

It includes your driving history and experience in this process. Thus, your past driving record will also matter if you’re to pass the screening. 

In this article, you’ll discover how to gain your ADI license and some of the best driving instructor schools you can enroll in now to kick-start your career.

Who is a Driving Instructor?

Wikipedia defines a driving instructor as a professional responsible for instructing, directing, and coaching a new driver(s) on the proper driving rules and techniques and safety road measures. 

A driving instructor helps new drivers, especially those about to take a driving test, learn how to handle different vehicles, including trucks, lorries, motorcycles, and cars.

A licensed driving instructor must be skilled in handling non-commercial or commercial vehicles. 

You can also refer to a driving instructor as an educator, an ambitious teacher, or an auto educator. 

How do I Become a Driving Instructor?

Your training as a driving instructor will usually depend on the area you want to specialize in — you can either train to be a commercial vehicle instructor or a non-commercial vehicle instructor. 

However, you will find your training with an approved college, vocational institute, or agency instrumental in passing the driving instructor tests. 

The length of training can be long or short, depending on your region/institution, and takes anywhere from 3 weeks to a few months to complete. 

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Requirements To Become a Driving Instructor

As a rule, you must meet these basic requirements before taking instructor training:

  • You must possess a valid driver’s license according to your region of operation. 
  • Be up to 21 years
  • Have experience driving for at least 3 years 
  • Clean driving record
  • Pass the vision, driving, and health tests. 
  • Have a minimum of a high school certificate or must have taken a GED program. 

Enrollees with solid records and clean driving histories will find it easier to get the instructor license. 

Also note that in some countries, you’ll have to take an ORDIT examination, even as an approved instructor, to qualify to train other instructors.

How Difficult is it to Become a Driving Instructor?

Becoming an approved driving educator is easy as long as you have what it takes to be licensed. 

A flair for teaching the ‘how to’s of driving is also a bonus besides your driving skill level and experience. 

Moreso, a vital customer service skill and the ability to communicate in multiple languages can come in handy in boosting your career as a driving instructor. 

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Driving Instructors Salary

Driving Instructors make an average of $38,569 annually, based on an October 2022 report by Ziprecruiter. 

But this figure varies based on your area of specialty. For example, truck driving instructors earn higher annual incomes than non-commercial driving instructors. Your location, skills, and experience can also influence your yearly income.

Indications show some regions have higher average earnings with better advancement opportunities for Instructors than others.  

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Best Driving Instructors Schools Near You

To get the best out of your driving training, you must go to the best schools. A driving instructor program typically covers hands-on practices and training on handling automobiles and teaching others. 

Some of the best-rated driving instructor schools you should consider are:

  • Cantor’s Driving
  • The Trucking Academy
  • Red Driving School
  • Advanced Driving Tuition
  • Alison Academy
  • DriversEd.com
  • National Driving Academy
  • Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI)
  • Pass Confident Driving School
  • American Safety Council
  • A.A. Driving School
  • RoadMaster Drivers School
  • The Americas Driving School
  • National Driver Training Institute

#1. Cantor’s Driving School

It is located in southern California and offers a broad range of training packages for learners. There’s also a package for the Drivers License Road Test Service, mainly for learners who have finished the 6 hours program at Cantors Driving School.

Visit the official website

#2. Driver Training Institute

NDTI is an online driving institute and ranks as one of the most reputable driving instructor schools in 2023. NDTI offers driving instructor training programs on driver’s ed and defensive driving across several states, including California, Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

Visit the official website

#3. The Americas Driving School

The Americas Driving School offers driving instructor training programs on all driving services. It operates in multiple states across the US, including California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

They combine quality instructors with 40 years of experience to give you the best possible driver training.

Visit the official website

#4. RoadMaster Drivers School

The RMDS does everything trucking, from providing extensive CDL driving instructor training to helping you get job ready. 

Known as the national driving school, Roadmaster Drivers School gives you all you need to become a confident driving instructor. 

Visit the official website

#5. Red Driving School

Red Driving school won the award of the national driving school of 2022 and has trained one-fourth of driving instructors in the state.

Her course training goes for 2,222 dollars with a refund policy when you register as an instructor with the academy.

Visit the official website

#6. A.A. Driving School

A.A. Driving School offers two types of services to learners. One is the premium driving instructor training done one to one. This service costs 1,995 euros or its equivalent.

The other is the fast track V.R. course which costs 999 euros. A.A. Driving instructor school course training blends all 3 DVSA tests to help you gain access to your PDI License before your test. 

Visit the official website

#7. Pass Confident Driving School

Also ranked one of the top driving instructor schools, Pass Confident Driving offers a driving training program at an affordable price.

They broke the trainings down in three parts; which you have to thoroughly practice before getting the Approved Drivers License 

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#8. Allison Driving Education

 Allison is a reputable online platform where learners can take courses in various fields. The driving instructors training program is free is cover to[ics on defensive driving, delivery handling, educators skills training, construction safety, fire management, and more.

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#9. American Safety Council

The American Safety Council driving instructor certification program covers topics such as teaching techniques, state laws, and emergency procedures. It also prides itself in its long history of equipping driving instructors with safety rules and practices. 

The top courses at ASC include workplace safety and driver safety.

Visit the official website

#10. DriversEd.com

DE.com offers an online driving instructor training program that covers classroom and behind-the-wheel training.

DE.com drivers school operates in Texas, Ohio, Florida, California, and Colorado. At DE.com, you’ll get everything from comprehensive driver’s ed to defensive driving. 

Visit the official website

#11. Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI)

One of the leading truck driving instructors schools, PTDI provides driving instructors with the tools to educate learners.

The perks of learning at this institute include its convenient location, affordability, small-sized class, and school fee reimbursement, amongst others.

Visit the official website

#12. National Driving Academy

The National Driving Academy can help you become an approved big truck driver in 4 weeks.

After you have completed your driver’s instructor’s training program, you’ll receive the CDL license, which makes you job-ready and in demand. CDL School of America instructor driving school operates in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Visit the official website

#13. The Trucking Academy

This truck driving school is ideal for anyone looking to earn an extra income outside the regular 9-5 job. At TTA, you’ll learn the ropes of truck driving and what it takes to be a certified driving instructor. 

Summarily, not so many professions allow you the freedom of your time as a driving instructor. If you are looking for a rewarding way to remain active after retirement, a post-work career as a driving instructor might be ideal. 

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How much is the cost to become a driving instructor in the

The registration fee and driving test for prospective instructors are not decided by driving instructor schools but by the driver standard agency.   While the driving instructor school or training institution. training fee 
However, you can only register for the ADI License after you have passed the qualifying test for driving instructors.
The fee for the part 1 test for approved drivers is 81 euros. Part 2 and 3 tests cost111 euros, respectively.

How do I become a driving instructor in Washington State?

To become a driving instructor in Washington state, you need to get your state’s driver’s license, have a high school certificate or equivalent, attend an auto instructor school, and have some years of clean driving experience. 
Afterward, you can book an appointment for your test with the Washington state licensing body for a non-refundable fee of $25.

Is becoming a driving instructor worth it?

Aside from the freedom to own your time and dictate your schedule, driving instructors average an annual income of $40,786 ( for U.S.-based instructors) and 30,137 euros ( for U.K. driving instructors). 


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